Event Results

Event Results for the Walk-off Competition and the Photogenic Contest

Walk-Off Competition:
The winner of the Walk off Competition Sponsored by Serendipity and PageantReady is Sheridan Fulkerson!  Below are the finalists in alphabetical order:

Sheridan Fulkerson (Winner)
Allison Garza

Hannah Kirkland
Lisa Medlen
Kendall Thompson

(left to right: Kendall Thompson, Lisa Medlen, Sheridan Fulkerson - WINNER, Nicole O'Brian - Emcee, Hannah Kirkland, Allison Garza)
photo by TexasPageantScene.com

Photogenic Contest:
The winner of the Photogenic Contest sponsored by Wardrobe: the boutique is Natalie Torres!  Natalie will be featured in a full page, full color ad in Savvy Magazine for Wardrobe: the boutique wearing a gown from the newest collection of Jovani Red Carpet.  Below are the finalists in alphabetical order:

Kathryn Dunn
Sheridan Fulkerson
Ashley Smith
Natalie Torres
Cindy Vela
Aileen Yap

(left to right:
Kathryn Dunn, Sheridan Fulkerson, Ashley Smith, Natalie Torres - WINNER, Cindy Vela, Aileen Yap)